Siegertian Empire

From Personal Experience the group (Moe and Grimjaw now) knows that this land is currently unsafe for travel due to an abundance of unpleasant magical effects occurring throughout the land. The following is an excerpt from the now obsolete “Travels through the Empire: A Unified people” by Magistrate Otto Von Grunberg, written in 927 IIIA (current game year in Siegertian Calendar is 1000 IIIA)

The Siegertian Empire, with it’s unification under Emperor Siegert marking the beginning of the Third Age, has long been a land of peace and prosperity. Part of our nation’s long history of peace comes from the natural defenses provided to us by the Gods. Although we are surrounded on all sides by danger -the savage tribes to the East, the cruel desert nomads to the South, the dangerous raiders to the North and unknown horrors to the West -we are just as equally protected. To the East, our allies the Elves protect us from the savages, using their Forest Magic to halt invaders. To the South, we are protected by a narrow land bridge and a vast inhospitable desert, across which no army could safely travel. To the North, our friends the Dwarves remain ever vigilant against the raiders. And finally, to the West, we are protected by a Sea so vast crossing it would be impossible.

The following is an excerpt from the Tirrens author Beric Ironstead’s “Cultures and People of the North”

Little is known of the lands to the West. Although there are occasionally travelers who claim to come from a country they call the Siegertian Empire, there is little in the way of trustworthy eye-witness accounts to back these claims up. None who have attempted to pass into these possibly mythical lands have ever returned, which has discouraged most would be explorers from attempting to uncover the secrets of this land. Some rumors claim that the Elves and Dwarves are united in fierce defense of this land, although I can not personally attest to the veracity of these claims.

Siegertian Empire

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